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Islamabad is the modern national capital, planned by Greek Town Planner Doxiadis, forming a vast, lush green park like valley in the lap of Margalla Hills. Old British Garrison City of Rawalpindi is 15 km to the east. It has an International airport, serving Europe, Middle East, Gulf , China and Far East flights.

Islamabad Youth Hostel was constructed in 1990. It has all the modern amenities with 4-bed and 6- bed dormitories. Community baths, kitchen, lounge and recreation room. The Hostel has been expanded by adding 17 rooms with attached baths, out of which 10 rooms are air conditioned that are available @ Rs. 2,000/- and Rs. 1,500/- for non-air-conditioned room Per Day. The hostel remains busy round the clock. Resturant is available which provides three time Meals at PYHA Islamabad.

For more information and reservation please contact
General Manager,
PYHA Islamabad.
Phone No. 0092-51-2825559,
Cell No. 0346-2576936


Parliament House, Presidency, Shakkar Parian Hill and National Park, Folk Art Museum, Rose & Jasmine Garden, Natural History Museum, National Art Gallery, Rawal Lake , Golf, Islamabad Club which is a country club, National Sports, Swimming & Gymnasium Complex, Trekking in Margallah Hills. Taxila, the Centre of Buddhist Civilization is located 32 km west of Islamabad . Taxila has a separate, 32-bed youth hostel, located in front of the Buddhist Museum


Antiques and Pakistani, Afghan and Iranian carpets.

Elevation: 550 Meters;
Weather: Winter (Oct-March) 3.4 C to 6.6;
Summer (April-Sept) 24C to 34C
Hostel: Shaheed-e-Millat Road , Aabpara, G-6/4, Islamabad .
Phone: 0092-51-2825427, 2826899, 2825559
Fax: 0092-51-2824520
Accommodation: 100 Beds, 10 Air-Conditioned Rooms
Distance from Islamabad :


International Airport and overland bus and railway entry-exit point for India , and the Far East . National railway and motorway and road hub, connecting all major cities. It is the capital of the Punjab province and the cultural heart of the country. City of numerous universities and colleges, the starving Budha, Buddhist and Mogul era Museum, art galleries, theater, puppet festival, mid-February's international spring festival, old walled city, and buildings and relics of the British ‘Raj'. The Hostel is located in the posh residential area of Johar town. Easily accessible by local bus system and commuter Wagon service from any corner of the city. Best eating-places are at walking distance.


Mogul Emperor Jehangirs' Tomb, Emperor Aurangzeb Grand Badshahi Mosque, Emperor Shah-Jehan's Fort and Shalimar Gardens, Golden Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque, Zamzama (Kims Gun) Alhamra Art Gallery, Sikh Temple, Zoological Gardens, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Pakistan Monument, Islamic Summit Monument, and Jallo National Safari Park, Model town Park, Faqirkhana Museum, Lahore Museum, Shakir Ali Museum and Allama Iqbal Museum.


Carpets, copper ware, antiques, handicrafts, cotton garments and leather articles in Anarkali bazaar.

Elevation: 214 Meters;
Hostel: Johar town Lahore
Phone: 0092-42-35170695, 0345-4063206
Accommodation: 100 beds. 4 modern air-conditioned Rooms
Distance from Islamabad : 400 Km (motorway) 289 (G.T road)


Karachi is the largest city of the country as well as the world's second largest city with over 10 million populations, after Mumbai ( India ). This city is placed among the 20 th largest city in terms of metropolitan population.

Karachi is the Pakistan 's premier centre of banking industry, of art, entertainment and fashion, as well as advertising publishing and software development. It is called the financial capital as well as the hub for the country's education system. Karachi is spread over 3,530 Km (1363 square mile). It is locally knows as “city of Lights ” for its liveliness, and the “City of Quaid ” because it is the birth and burial placed of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the nation's founder.

Elevation: 26 feet above the sea level
Hostel: St. no. 9 block #1, scheme#36. Gulistan-e- Johar, Karachi .
Phone: 0092-21-34012021, 0307-2178942
Accommodation: 100 beds
Distance from Islamabad : 1580Km

PESHAWAR HOSTEL - Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa

International Airport and overland route to Afghanistan , and onto Central Asia and Europe . Railroad station connection to all Pakistani cities. City of flowers and capital of NWFP Province . Centuries old centre of historic Buddhist period, the West's and North's gateway to India . European, Asian and Central Asian invaders used to conquer India through this region. It is the overland route to central Asia and Europe . Alexander the great, the Greek Conqueror, was held up for 40 days in nearby Charsadda. Great Mughal Emperors and marching Armies of Aryans, Sythians, Persians, Greeks, Turks, and Mongols crossed Khyber Pass into India from this area.

The Hostel is located at the beginning of the main boulevard of the East residential area Hayatabad. The Hostel is at a walking distance from the famous shopping centre of Bara. Recently renovated which gives beautiful look. Also eight air-conditioned rooms added.


The old town- with Qissa khwani Bazaar, Bazar-e-kalan, Clock Town Square, Chowk Yadgar, Tehsil Gorgathri, Mohaabit Khan Mosque, Sunehri Masjid (sadar), Peshawar Museum, Khyber Bazar. The traditional halal food of Peshawar can be bought from Mamak Mandi, Khyber Bazar. The famous ‘kulfa' can be accessed from Qissa Khwani Bazar in the months of April-September every year, during hot weather.

The Bala hisar Fort, Bala Hisar Fort is one of the most historic places of Peshawar . The word Bala Hisar is from Persian, meaning, “elevted or high fort”. Renowned historian, Dr A.H. Dani in his book “ Peshawar-Historic City of frontier” writes that when hiuen tasang, a Chinese traveler, visited Peshawer in 630 AD, he spoke of a “royal residence”. The mahabat khan Mosque; Mahabat khan, the governor of Peshawer, built it in 1630 AD during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (the ruler of the Mughal Empire in India from 1628 until 1658).

The Islamia College, an education institution, establish by sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan and sir George Roos-Keppel 1913, is a constituent college of university of Peshawar, and offers course in arts, humanities and sciences.

The University of Peshawar , came into being in 1950 AD, institution is committed to achieving excellence in the undergraduate and graduate education, research and public service. The university provides superior and education, research and public opportunities at the baccalaureate through doctoral and special professional educational levels.


Bazaars of the old city are the most fascinating to hunt for souvenirs. Copper ware, carpets, antiques, handicrafts, jewelry, tea and spices. There are many eating good places but Peshawar is known for its Chapli Kabab made with mince meat, chopped onions, eggs, tomato and served with nan and traditional kehwa.

Elevation: 316 Meter;
Hostel: 37 Block B-1, Hayatabad, Peshawar
Phone: 0092-91-5824740, 0301-5953873
Accommodation: 50 beds and 8 VIP Rooms
Distance from Islamabad : 168 Km


Capital of Baluchistan province. Gateway to Iran , Gulf and Europe . Surrounded by Chiltan, Zerghun and Koh-e-Murdar mountains. Generally dry, cold in winter. Plums, peaches, pomegranates, apricots, a special kind of cherry, pistachios and almonds grown in abundance. The hostel is located in the sports complex of Baluchistan province. All important events and exhibitions take place in the complex.


Hina Lake , 10 Km east of Quetta is a good picnic spot. Two museums, Military's Command and Staff College , Urch valley, Hazerganji and Chiltan National Park are places to visit. Hill station of Ziarat (2462) 122Km South East of Quetta . It was first develop as a summer resort by the British. It is extremely popular in summer from April to October.


There are dozens of shops towards north of Jinnah Road, selling Baluchi and Afghan antiques, carpets, Baluchi embroidery work, jewelry, semi precious stones and shawls.

Elevation: 1,680 Meters;
Hostel: Ayub stadium, near chaman,
Railway crossing
Phone: 0092-81-2827498, 0321-8001117
Accommodation: 50 beds
Distance from Islamabad : 1489Km


Bhurban is situated at a distance of 13 Km from Murree. It is famous for a 9 Hole Golf Course since the British days. The hostel opens towards the snowy, high Mountains of Kashmir. The area has gained a lot of popularity as the 4-star Pearl Continental hotel is located just in front of the hotel building. There are many tracks leading to various scenic spots and Jehlum River which flows down from Kashmir in the lap of the Himalayas .


The visitors stay here to plan their trips to Murree, Patriate, Kohala etc. holiday resort, Children's Park, restaurants, walkways to Mohra Sharif and Lower Topa Hills Station.

Elevation: 1,960 meters.
Phone: 0092-51-3355494, 0300-5852600
Accommodation: 32 beds
Distance from Islamabad : 66 Km


73 km from Islamabad & 22 Km from Murree Hills. Ayubia nearby consists of Changla Gali, Khansapur and Ghora Gali. It was renamed after Late President of Pakistan Muhammad Ayub Khan. The hostel is surrounded by tall pine trees. Provides a very relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.


A Chairlift operates at Ayubia. It gives a good view of the National Park. The visitors walk through the National Park to go to Dungo Gali, Which is another holiday resort. There is a short cut of 6 km to Nathiagali, summer Headquarter of the NWFP Government. Along the pipeline one can take very interesting walk upto hills of Nathiagali (2370 meters) and Kunala (2340 meters)

Elevation: 2248 Meters
Hostel: Bungalow No. 32, Ayubia Town
Phone: 0092-992-359011, 0334-5367553
Accommodation: 50 beds
Distance from Islamabad :121Km


Hill station, 110km north of Islamabad , located on karakoram Highway the legendary Silk Route , criss-crossing Central Asia and on to Europe Gateway to eastern China , on way to Pakistan 's Northern Areas, established in 1853 as a new cantonment town, named after British soldier James Abbott. Pakistan 's most prestigious Military Academy Kakul is located here. It is the base of Frontier Force, Baluch Regiment, Army Medical Corps and Army School of Music. It is also home of some prestigious public schools in Pakistan .


Abbottabad is a new city with little historic interest. It is quite a relaxed and peaceful place but the market places give lively and colorful look. The Cantonment area is full of public parks and tree lined roads, an attraction to roam about for hours to relax.

There are many beautiful short excursion places like Pine View Road, Shimla Peak, Batrasi Forest, Thandiani 2462 meters) Biran Gali, (1920 Meters), Balakot (270 meters) and famous Nathiagali where summer capital of the NWFP province is housed. These places are at a distance of 20 to 30 km and easily reachable by local transport. Some of the tourists walk to these places by short routes. There are government rest houses and small hotels available at these places to stay. Local buses are available to go to Manshera, Balakot, Kaghan Valley , ( Karakoram Highway ), Lahore , Murree and many other places. There are many moderate and expensive eating places like Monaliza and Pearl Continental.

Elevation: 1232 Meters;
Hostel: Near Government Degree College Mandian, Abbottabad.
Phone: 092-992-502105, 0345-9597013, 0344-9456395
Accommodation: 65 beds
Distance from Islamabad : 116 Km

SHARAN HOSTEL - Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa

The hostel is located at a distance of 43 km from Balakot. After reaching Paras the visitors are to cross Kunhar River . A jeepable road goes right upto Sharan, a distance of 15km. Sharan is visible from behind a peak known as Musa Ka Musala and hidden by pine trees, a very beautiful spot. The area is not thickly populated. There is also a Forest Department Rest House. The Hostel building gives an exquisite look. Sharan has breathtaking natural beauty. In addition to wild life, there are a lot of singing birds. The famous forest of Darshi is located nearby. Unfortunately the Hostel building was severely damaged by the earth quake, causing a very sad personal loss to the caretaker of the Youth Hostel. He lost his wife in the earthquake. The building could not be repaired due to above of the single track approach road which was thrown into the river by the earthquake. The Govt. has now started construction of a new road. The building will construct after the completion of the road.


Sharan Youth Hostel is located at a placed particularly suitable for the trekking. The hostellers explore the area by walking and trekking to a new direction every day. The peaceful wild beauty of the place attracts the hostlers to stay for the more days than they normally plan. The services of guide are provided to the youth during their stay in hostel. Thick natural, hard wood forests of Naddi and Daddar, pleasant walks, Supurb Mountain &lake views, cold water trout fishing and high peaks are ideal for hiking.

Elevation: 2,100 meters
Hostel: 12-km from Paras on Kaghan Valley Road.
Phone: 0345-5614012

Accommodation: 30 beds. No electricity or lighting
Distance form Islamabad : 221 K.M


NARAN HOSTEL - Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa

Naran is the capital of Kaghan valley. Two branches of river Kunhar meet at Naran where the freshly melt snow water flows down, a breathlessly beautiful sight. There are many private hotels and restaurants, with room prices ranging from Rs. 800 to 3500 a day. The Youth hostel building is located at a height of 1,600 meters, 1.5 Km short of Naran. The hostel is surrounded by tall pine trees. It has an extremely beautiful look of the valley and the winding river down below stays with the visitors all the time. Lake Saiful Maluk is an attractive sight during summer. The lake is a 2 hour walk from Naran. Jeeps are also available to reach the lake in 45 minutes. The local storytellers speak of princes and fairies and romance attached to the lake. The river is full of trout fish. Fishing and trekking is the most popular activities in the area. During the summer vacation the hostel remains full. Prior booking from Islamabad is necessary to avoid inconvenience.


World's largest blue-green water Lake Saiful Maluk, very picturesque area, cold water trout fishing & ideal trekking.

Elevation: 2,427 meters
Hostel: 2Km short of Naran village,
Located on the right side of Naran road.
Accommodation: 60 beds
Phone: 0342-9687357, 0343-9695392
Distance from Islamabad : 276 Km


Batakundi is another central location for trekking to various points beyond Naran. It is suited for camping for the more adventurous. The area is also surrounded by potatoes and peas fields. Groups of Gypsies are seen going up in the search of food for their sheep and goats. The road to Batakundi was a jeep track but recently it is being replaced by a metalled road which is likely to be completed by end of 2003. The area will then be open for tourists.


Some high quality trout is available. The visitors are provided with camping site in the hostel. Jeep track goes to Lalazar Plateau, a day trip from Batakundi. A foot track leads from Lalazar to Lake Saiful Maluk taking about 5 to 6 hours. Another trip can be taken to Jalkhad. The river is very calm at this point. This resort is ideal for fishing and walking. One can undertake a day trip to various peaks from here and return to this base camp.

Elevation: 2,713
Hostel Kaghan Valley,
7 Km beyond Naran
Accommodation: 20 bed camping area and community baths.
Distance from Islamabad : 292 Km


It is one of the most important archaeological places in Pakistan . Taxila was the capital of Gandhara Buddhist civilization from the 6 th century BC onwards. The most recent research reveals that Taxila was found as early as 1,000 BC which has absorbed influence of the various empires over the centuries. At the time of arrival of Alexander the Great, it was still the center of learning.

Taxila is located 32 Km north of Islambad on the Grend Trunk (G.T) Road. It is easy to get there by bus or commuter wagons. One can also take Havalian bound train from Rawalpindi which stops at Taxila. The hostel is situated opposite the Buddhist Museum Road , Taxila Cantonment.


The various excavated sites at Taxila are spread out over a large area. It takes about 3 days to see the mail sites for visitors who are interested in archaeology. Other visitors may visit visually impressive stupa sites like Julian, Jandial, Sri Cup and Dharmarajika. One must visit the museum which displays hundreds of exhibits of Gandhara art. Between Islamabad and Taxila, Sikh holy temple of Punja sahib is 13 Km away at Hassan Abdul, and Mogul Garden at the nearby Wah Cantt.

Elevation: 504 Meters
Phone: 0092-51-9314278, 0343-9291552
Accommodation: 32 beds
Distance from Islamabad : 32 Km



Its history goes back to a Hindu ruler who built a fort on the present site of the city. This fort was under occupation of Buddhists when a young Arab General Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered it. It was a district of Arghun empire which was ruling it from nearby Thatta. It was named after its ruler Hyder Quli Arghuni. The hostel at Jamshoro is located on Super highway near the entry point of the University Campus. The city is accessible by rail and road. It is a newly constructed building with all accessories, dining, sitting, community baths, kitchen and lounge.


Twenty one Kalhora tombs, tombs of Talpur Mir rulers, Qadam Gah of Hazrat ALI, Sindh Provincial Museum, Talpur Museum and famous, British built Kotri Barrage, which is 1,000 Meters long, consists of 44 spans. 4-star canals originated from it, which irrigate one million hectors of land.

Elevation: 250 Meters;
Hostel: University of Jamshoro ,
Super highway, Hyderabad
Phone: 0092-22-2772310, 0307-3089088
Accommodation: 50 beds.
Distance from Islamabad : 1405Km


Mohenjodaro is the centre of the world's oldest, 5,000 years, Indus valley Civilization, located in Southern Sindh Province. UNESCO and Pakistan are preserving vast excavated sites that are a great attraction for tourists from across the globe. The hostel is located at larkana, 12 Km from Moenjodaro. Moenjodaro and Larkana are reachable by air, bus and railway from Karachi and Sukker.


Moenjodaro archaeological sites and museum are one of the most stunning, resort and preserved prehistoric sites in the Whole world.


Indus Valley Civilization souvenirs. Block printed cotton cloth; “Ajrak” and traditional Sindhi caps.

Elevation: 50 Meters;
Hostel: Khuro stadium, larkana
Phone: 0092-74-44053461, 0342-3438133
Accommodation: 50 beds.
Distance from Islamabad : 832Km


Northern Areas comprises of six districts namely Gilgit, Diamer, Skardu, Ghizer, Ganche and Astore stretching over an area of about 27000 square miles

Boarding china, Afghanistan & India . The area comprise of rugged mountains with some of the highest peaks in the world. Amongst these, the K-2 in Karakoram and Nanga Parbat in Himalaya are outstanding. Population of the northern Areas is 870,342 (census 1998). The Northern Areas also serve as the principle water catchments for Indus River , upon which a majority of Pakistan irrigation and hydroelectricity depends. These Areas are administered directly by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Northern Areas, Islamabad . Karakoram Highway is a marvel of modern engineering and considered World's eight Wonder. Northern Areas is, perhaps, the most spectacular region of Pakistan in terms of its geography and scenic beauty. This region is also known as “Heaven on Earth”. The world's most three mightiest mountain ranges: the Karakoram, the Hindukush and the Himalayas meet here. The whole northern area is like a paradise for mountaineers, trekkers and anglers. The region has a rich cultural heritage and variety of rare fauna & flora. Historically the area has remained a flash point of political & military rivalries amongst the Russian, British and Chinese empires. Immediately after the end of British Rule in the Sub Continent in 1947, the people of this region decided to join Pakistan through a popular local revolt against the government of Maharaja of Kashmir.

Some of the largest glaciers outside polar region are located on downstream industries the Government of Pakistan as well as the Northern Areas administration is focusing on tourism and to introduce to the world, “the hidden treasures” of North Areas.

Elevation: 1454 Meters
Hostels: Jutial Town, Mansehra Road , Gilgit
Accommodation: 60 Beds
Distance from Islamabad : 595 Km
Phone: 0092-5811-920701, 0312-9744362


This is an extremely sacred place for Hindos with holy spring. Accoding to the hindo tradition and belief this spring and the surrounding land were formed by the tears which fell from the eyes of the shive Deveta (lord shive) on the death of his beloved wife. Lord shive wept so profusely on the death of wife that out of the strings of his tears two water ponds came in to existence. one know as pushkar near ajmier sharif in Rajisthan ( India ) and the other called Kataksha or Katak shell at Katas. Many myths are associated with Katas Raj. Hindus pilgrims, specially come for religious bath in this sacred pool. Katas , according to hindus belief is regared as the abode of Bhagwan shankar the king or lord of serpents. The famous pando brother heros of Maha Bharat were also the place where questioning area answering brothers and ‘jaqsha” had taken place. The construction of temples at Katas Raj attainted to Pando brothers.

Alexander was the first scholar to identify Katas as samghapura described by Huein Tsan a Chinese pilgrim who came to this area in early half of 7 th century A.D. Katas Raj constitutes a major groups of Hindus temples most of which were constructed during the Hindus shaly . Most important a group of seven temples SATGHAKA. There is also remaining bhudhist staff at caves. Other temples are Ram Chandra, Hamayun and Shiva temples. Hari singh Nalva Haveli is also very prominent here which rests on a high platform. In 530 B.C. Alexander the great after negotiation a true with raja Amble of Taxila passed through this area. Recently renovated which gives a beautiful look. Also four furnished rooms are available at PYHA Katas.


Rich in history, Buddhist and Hindu archaeological sites, many dating back 1000 BC. Ancient Satghara Hindu temples, centered around a large pool of water springs, salt mines, one of the world's largest deposits of salt, is unique to visit, Kallar Kahar lake, Mogul Gardens, and famous for the rose water. Great Muslim scientist Al-Beroni did his calculation of the circumference of the Earth at nearby Nandana fort.

Elevation: 720 Meters
Phone: 0092-543-580052, 0092-345-5301529, 0304-5734546
Accommodation: 25 beds
Distance from Islamabad-Kalar Kahar: 164 Km (Motorway)


Camping site available. Hostel construction being planned